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froshfeel provides a decentralized peer-to-peer student platform whereby students, businesses, professionals, institutions and educators can interact with one another on an educational level in a social environment. By introducing blockchain technology, froshfeel announces it’s own decentralized currency - froins. froshfeel allows students to pay partnered, institutions, educators and businesses such as student accommodation, text books, student flights, concert tickets, restaurants, clothing and many more categories directly through their phones with froins anywhere around the world.

Suggested by: Moh


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  • 18 May
    m hasbi zq

    Yas, we need more alternatives for learning

  • 18 May
    Eirik Amundsen

    Pleae list FRO. Amazing project with huge potential.

  • 24 May
    vindya gamage

    Students will be able to see on the Froshfeel platform, the kind of courses that are available for study in a particular university, the requirement for these courses,
    #Freshfeel #ICO #TokenSale #Blockchain

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