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Vites (VITES)


The VITES platform is an upcoming platform that will serve as a full-on digital economy for cryptocurrencies. In the VITES ecosystem, you can work or offer jobs, buy and sell goods and exchange cryptocurrencies (VITES + others to be decided by vote). The VITES token will be used to apply upgrades to their listings, such as promoting their service offers.

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Suggested by: Nikita Aksakov


Comments: 6

  • 19 May

    Absolute best choice!

  • 19 May
    Mark Kamper

    Well hopefully! Would be great to see an additional exchange

  • 19 May
    Paul Bellamy

    Vites is one of the best initiatives out there! NEEDS TO BE ON!

  • 21 May

    Let's go! VITES all the way

  • 21 May
    Luis Apple

    In all honesty, the premise of VITES is one of immense proportions. But this is all good for the world of crypto.

  • 07 Jun

    Project seems to be growing rapidly.

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