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Unify Cryptocurrency (Unify Coin)


Created in June 2017, Unify Coin will be usable for financing projects via the Unify Crowdfunding platform and will also be used as the payment method for the Unify Market. Unify Coin is already usable on multiple exchanges and has dedicated wallets.

Suggested by: Simonas


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  • 20 Mar
    Crypto Nerd

    This coin will be $10 till summer. They haven't even relased a whitepaper yet. And the total supply is almost the same as bitcoin. It's a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

  • 20 Mar

    One of the best communities & teams you'll find out there in my opinion. 👍

  • 20 Mar

    Unify has great and active community. It's really an early opportunity to invest, it won't be surprise if Unify will give some x's in short term and much more in long term. Low supply and cheap price is the most important evidence for that. New iOS and Android wallets, new exchanges are coming. As you can see in their roadmap there will be crowdfunding and marketplace which will increase popularity of Unify so much.

  • 20 Mar
    Jason Ramirez

    Unify has great potential, its developers are people very committed to the project, their community is very active. It's just a matter of time for more people to realize that UNIFY is a great project focused on solving real problems. :D

  • 20 Mar

    Nice coin. Very low supply. price will sky rock when coin becomes popular

  • 20 Mar

    it coin have a big potential...

  • 20 Mar

    Best coin in my portfolio. Once the crowdfunding platform is released this low supply coin Will be huge. Also the community behind the coin is super amazing.

  • 20 Mar

    unique unify

  • 21 Mar

    Great crownfunding project and one of the best community always here To help eachother.

  • 21 Mar

    To the moon we go

  • 22 Mar

    Very promising project, just support and see what will happen

  • 24 Mar
    Ian R

    Best currency I've looked at which isn't an ICO, great community and dev team. The staking is one of a kind

  • 28 Mar

    Please add unify, strong community, real need for unify

  • 29 Mar
    Kire Snemmel

    Great coin good team

  • 29 Mar
    Jong Uk Shin

    Nice project and good community as well.

  • 01 Apr
    john edwards

    please add unify ,great team ,and amazing project ..RESPECT AND THANKS TO ALL TEAM :)

  • 02 Apr
    Chris thom

    Add Unify!

  • 05 Apr

    Huge potential, great staking coin :)

  • 12 Apr
    Jason Ramirez

    Closer and closer. It is only a matter of time to reach the goal.

  • 15 Apr

    Unify coin have low supply. When platform start to work, or entering on major exchange, will be easy $20 each coin. Very good project with NO ICO and great dev team.

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