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RiptideCoin (RIPT)


When completely understood RiptideCoin would be viewed as one of Ethereum's user-friendly adaptions. Used for safe exchange in high-risk occupations instead of cash. The Coin itself can have multiparty uses including exchanging with others. The system is designed to provide accountable options for its transactions

Suggested by: James


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  • 20 Mar
    charnjit sharma

    please register RIPT coin on your exchange

  • 20 Mar
    hadi susanto

    go riptide !!! to the moon in this exchange

  • 20 Mar
    Melanie Uy

    Please list this token It has a great project

  • 20 Mar

    Please! do list RIPTIDECOIN (RIPT) on your exchange! A great project of RIPTIDECOIN ^_^ Thank you!

  • 21 Mar
    Jimoh Diya

    Please list this token in your exchange It has a great project with a great team member

  • 21 Mar

    Please add RIPT coin to your exchange.

  • 21 Mar
    Tim crypto

    Get RIPT listed so we can trade it to the moon again!!

  • 22 Mar
    Sudrajat Winargian

    Please list RIPT token to exchange

  • 22 Mar
    Zee sd

    Hey guys please list our favorite RIPT coin on your exchange so we can trade them..

  • 22 Mar
    Franck Lambart

    Please add the Riptide token

  • 23 Mar

    best token

  • 24 Mar
    Marcel Cabral

    List be listed riptidecoin

  • 27 Mar
    Uddham chand

    Very good concept

  • 06 Apr
    OGOCHUKWU Amaukwu

    Its a wonderful vision pls list it on your exchange

  • 06 Apr

    a very good project and good luck.

  • 06 Apr
    Rogie Arsenio

    RiptideCoin (RIPT) to the moon

  • 06 Apr

    Good news keep it up RiptideCoin!

  • 07 Apr
    Feodora Angel

    Please add Riptide Coin (RIPT) at your exchange. It has an amazing project and successfully in the future.

  • 07 Apr

    a very good project and a very good team, I will always support. # RIPT to the moon.

  • 07 Apr
    cloud arsenio

    best token ever

  • 07 Apr

    go go riptide, back to 5$ hahaha

  • 07 Apr

    i would like to be listed this coin
    RIPT on your exchange theirs a good potential
    and good team work

  • 08 Apr

    Riptide is the best option to be included in this exchange because riptide is the best

  • 11 Apr
    Peculiar James

    Ride on, riptidecoin

  • 13 Apr

    Please add Riptide Coin (RIPT) at your exchange. It has an amazing project and successfully in the future..

  • 15 Apr

    RIPT is the best coin..
    Please add RIPT in your list exchange

  • 07 May
    Widia agus Setiawan

    This nice project in 2018

  • 16 May
    Analyn Arceno

    Please list RIPT coins in your exchanger

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