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It would be nice to see DeepOnion listed. It's the most undervalued privacy coin on the market right now. With latest Tor 0.3.3 Version, OBFS4, Meek, Stealth Address, DeepVault, DeepSend, Mobile Wallets, VoteCentral and even more to go.
DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network. We increase the level of privacy for our crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive onions (ONION) over the TOR network. With DeepOnion your anonymity is guaranteed, you can send and receive private transactions using the DeepOnion wallet.
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Suggested by: AnnarioN


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  • 20 Mar

    Aaaa man, everything is said above. I would love to see this coin being listed! You got my vote!

  • 20 Mar

    I definitely recommend considering DeepOnion, especially now that Stealth Addresses are coming into effect as of block 460K in a couple of weeks. This is one of the most promising privacy coins of 2018 with a huge community so should not be overlooked! ONIONS otherwise run over the latest tor software 0.3.3 with obfs4 and meek, so is perfect for maintaining your anonymity while making transactions.

  • 20 Mar

    It would be awesome to see DeepOnion listed in exchange. Besides its very fast transaction and low transaction fees, DeepOnion with its great technology such as DeepVault, TOR version 0.3.3, OBFS4, MEEK, plus the latest feature of Stealth Addresses, makes it the best privacy coin.

  • 20 Mar

    I would love to see DeepOnion listed, too. For me, it's the biggest hidden gem right now, which is waiting to be discovered on the market and once it's found, you won't be able to buy it for such a discount price as of now.
    Lot of upgrades happened and many more are to come, can't wait for it. ^^

  • 20 Mar
    Be light

    Yeah, agree, so technological project, with huge community support, should be added. People must be secure and anonymous even they do not understand how this is work :)

  • 20 Mar

    I can say for sure DeepOnion is a hidden diamond for now and it would be a right decision to list it as soon as possible before it hit the major exchanges. Upcoming features and updates, also the low inflation and strong community may provide a good volume, which is important for new exchanges.

  • 20 Mar

    It would be nice to see DeepOnion listed on this new exchange. Privacy coins like this one are the future of cryptocurrencies and I think this listing will be beneficial for both DeepOnion and I would like to explore my trading options with this exchange site.

  • 20 Mar
    Mattias d'Ambrosio

    I highly suggest Dontoshi Exchange to consider get listed DeepOnion, it's one of the most promising privacy coins in the market, PoW/PoS combination for mining, with 10% stake until Juli, 5% in the second year and 1% after that. Price is really undervalued, airdrops are going to cease in five weeks, dev team has recently added Stealth Address with a new wallet version and is working to add new improvements such as DeepSend and VoteCentral, also it has a very active community.

  • 20 Mar

    It would be indeed a good addition to list DeepOnion on this exchange. Possible investors will get a privacy coin that has the whole package of features to get the best out of anonymous and untraceable transactions and it is also backed by a huge community which is steadily growing. This coin is highly undervalued at the moment and has real growth potential.

  • 20 Mar

    Great to see this as a suggestion, I would love to see DeepOnion listed on Dontoshi Exchange. The recent update of wallet that has been mentioned proves that Dev team is tracking the needs of users of the coin. Can't wait to see announced features to be released. I think most of the exchanges would need to have $ONION listed then.

  • 20 Mar

    DeepOnion is maybe the most promising project in the privacy coins markets. The project is still in early stage, but it has already a great community of supporters and investors. I firmly believe that DO will be in the Top 50 range of CCM before the end of 2018. For obvious reasons, I would love to see it listed on as Dontoshi exchange as well.

  • 20 Mar

    One of the top privacy coins of the future. Favorited by many famous YTbers (suppoman's #2 privacy coin). Low supply, great road map and airdrops almost over. Great timing to get listed on more exchanges.

  • 20 Mar

    I greatly recommend this coin to be listed. Read a lot information regarding DeepOnion and now I have started HODLing this coin. Privacy is priority with them.

  • 20 Mar

    Security, privacy and anonymity are the foundations that support the deeponion platform, this is why I feel satisfied to belong to your community, as a user I can be guaranteed my investments without my data being vulnerable to any attack, its technology is based in the last protocols, deeponion to belong to this exchange would increase its scope in a point that would benefit all the parties.

  • 20 Mar

    DeepOnion is one of the most perspective projects out there right now and it is a privacy coin with the most features being added every day as the development is really fast lately. Features that this coin has combined with a very large and supportive community is a guarantee of its success.

  • 21 Mar

    We have a new wallet version with Stealth Addresses support. This fact and TOR+OBFS4+MEEK tech make this coin one of the best privacy coins of the year and future. I invite you to search more about its DeepVault, DeepSend, VoteCentral, Mobile Wallet... and more features.

  • 21 Mar

    Yeah, Also DeepOnion getting popular right now many youtubers, news channels, forums also even famous TV show mentioned DeepOnion project because they know how good this project is, Everyone would be love it if you will list DeepOnion on your exchange.

  • 21 Mar

    The fundamental and technical analysis of this coin shows a lot of potential for massive growth. It is on its early stages of development and yet to see more updates coming out from this project. It is one of the most highly recommended investment today. The latest release of the new version of the wallet with stealth addresses and the upcoming feature VoteCentral, DeepSend that will surely give investment a new hype. Its our pleasure to get it listed in dontoshi exchange.

  • 21 Mar

    I think this would be a great addition to Dantoshi. The DeepOnion community is super supportive, the development team is super active with a recent Wallet release that implements Stealth Addresses. They also got Android Wallet upcoming together with a Web application of the Deepvault feature which is used for file verification.
    I think this can become one of the leading privacy coin in end of 2018.

  • 21 Mar
    Miki Takahashi

    I am hoping DeepOnion can be listed because it is such a great products not long offers the leading privacy features but also it is a platform build on Tor with meek and obsf4, which allows the team to build other features such as deepvault, deepsend. Lots of potential to grow compare other privacy coin like verge, zcash.

  • 21 Mar

    actually this coin represent a great investment opportunity: price is actually cheap and last implemented feature gives you the possibility to use stealth address (they will came in less then two weeks after block 460.000) making it one of the most secure coins out there. there are also upcoming features that will make this project unique like transaction obfuscation and votecentral that will put users at the very core of the development. i hooe to see it listed here soon ;-)

  • 21 Mar

    Listing DeepOnion would be really cool, a new working exchange is the key for a good cooperation. Don`t miss the revolution Dontoshi ;)
    Some great Features were released in the past, OBFS4 & MEEK integragtion, Stealth Address coming really soon. And the votecentral feature guaranteed a big future for this Project.

  • 21 Mar

    Voted. I think it should be listed here. Privacy coins are the future of crypto and $ONION will be one of the best privacy coin in future, I think. I am keeping eyes on this coin for couple of months and I am impressed with the continuous development from DEV. Seems pretty active people are working on this.

  • 21 Mar

    You've got my vote alright for this one! :) Great suggestion. I'm keeping a few bags of it and can't wait for it to hit more exchanges. Such a great project!

  • 21 Mar

    Can't agree with you more about the under valued part .The project has got a big community ,very active devs and really good inavation with the introduction of deep send and soon the Android wallet . Can not see why it wouldn't be listed .it's a asset

  • 21 Mar

    This coin dominates the cryptocurrency market as keeping the essence of being privacy coin. This is high potential coin than can give a multilayered security and privacy to make investors anonymous.

  • 21 Mar


    I agree with other commentaries. I would like to see DeepOnion listen on your exchange. As other have said, it's a really under-valuated privacy coin a lot of good features focused on anonymity and with new upcoming features.
    In my opinion if DeepOnion is listed on this exchange will be a win-win situation.

  • 21 Mar

    I shall give my vote to DeepOnion. Most of my holdings are $onion and I'm really excited each time an exchanger get my favorite coin listed. Stealth Address got recently integrated in the latest wallet update and many more features to come. Expect more trading volume for $onion coins these next few days.

  • 21 Mar

    I love this project! Devs are great and they never miss a release date. Ithas a big and supportive community. I also quote all what it is said in the title!

  • 21 Mar

    'neuf said.

  • 21 Mar

    The developers were very active this week. Stealth addresses and the Android mobile wallet was released already. Soon VoteCentral and WooCommerce will follow. Any exchange not listing DeepOnion will lose a huge market of traders who are concerned with their privacy.

  • 21 Mar

    It's nice to see DeepOnion in the list of suggested coins. I like this project, because the devs are on point and the community is large and active. Like others already mentioned, these guys never miss a release date and everything is going according to the roadmap + they release other side features and community driven projects too. For example today (21.03.18) they released a brand new mobile wallet ^^
    Great privacy coin and I'll be more than happy if it gets listed on Dontoshi exchange.

  • 22 Mar

    I continue this wonderful project, I would like to see it in the list, now with the wallet of the Android version, I made transactions from the comfort of my smartphone, with Stealth Directions and Integrated DeepVault!

  • 22 Mar

    When DeepOnion started in July 2017, they promised a lot and people laughed about them. Fast forward 8 months and DeepOnion has delivered on all these promises and more. They have built an active and large community and are now in the final stages of the airdrop. Trading volumes may look low now, but holders have an incentive to hold and investors stay away until airdrop is completed because they can’t tell what happens.

    Please list DeepOnion and be an early part of this story.

  • 22 Mar

    Please add DeepOnion, it is becoming one of the fastest growing privacy-oriented cryptocurrency in terms of technology and community, its marketcap is still low so it's a perfect opportunity for investors to join this coin with multiple features and different layers of privacy like native integration in the TOR network and Stealth Addresses !

  • 22 Mar
    THX Miner

    This 2018 will be the year of privacy coins, and amongst all contenders I believe DeepOnion has the edge: TOR for anonymity plus MEEK/OBFS4 for avoiding censorship, stealth addresses, mobile wallet... It's already being accepted on an increasing number of exchanges so it'll rapidly increase its liquidity, thus listing it on Dontoshi will surely attract new customers that'll increase your profits!

  • 22 Mar

    It would be great to see DeepOnion listed on the exchange. I think it is going to become really popular through 2018 as it has some great privacy features using Tor and numerous ways to send and receive payments anonymously which seems like it will be essential to avoid be unnecessarily tracked.

  • 22 Mar

    2018 will be the year where everyone involving in crypto will know about the DeepOnion project. Started in Mid 2017, DeepOnion success won't stop, It has a great community, Great Devs, Amazing features, and what we are all looking for, PRIVACY and ANONYMITY! Actually, DeepOnion Is listed in many websites, and Willing to be listed everywhere, So that everyone will be able to use $Onion in transactions.

  • 23 Mar

    Please add DeepOnion it's gonna explode. The team seems pretty dedicated and active.

  • 23 Mar

    This is an incredible time to be investing in cryptocurrency, and I am honored to be a DeepOnion investor. There is a reason why it is my number one coin in my portfolio, besides what is mentioned in the description, the community is top notch, a great group of folks dedicated to making this privacy coin the best that it can be. Watch out Bitcoin, we are coming for you. :)

  • 23 Mar
    PJ Fry

    I've been a member of the DeepOnion community and project for several months now. The development team is fantastic and responsive. The community is quite active and adding Onion/BTC and Onion/ETH pairs will be widely traded on your exchange.

  • 23 Mar

    Deep Onion is the coming storm. It protects it's user's identity and funds through TOR though OBFS4 + MEEK
    It is being listed on multiple exchanges all the time now, it's community is something that will walk over any other project.
    It has even been getting it's own FIAT listing on some exchanges as well.

  • 23 Mar

    Listing ONION on Dontoshi exchange would be a move in right direction. For me Deep Onion is the best "small" privacy coin with so many recently added features like stealth addresses, mobile wallet and upcoming Vote Central, and airdrop finishing in 5 weeks, the price and volume can only go up!

  • 23 Mar

    Please add DeepOnion! One of the best privacy coins out there. A lot of features got released recently (android wallet, Stealth Addresses, newest TOR) and more are coming with for example VoteCentral. The devs are working hard and the community support is amazing.

  • 23 Mar

    Would recommend listing DeepOnion. It probably has one of the best communities out there. The development team as been so much at work that they alone are main reason for me to invest into this gem of a coin. With a coin of this stratum it could have easily gained tons of money through ICO. But they choose to distribute via airdrops. That alone speaks volumes about the team. I am pretty sure that in the coming days it would be one of the top privacy coins. Would love if its listed on dontoshi.

  • 24 Mar
    some onion lover

    Deeponion to the moon

  • 24 Mar

    Solid project with a great community, developer team and of course strong fundamentals!

  • 24 Mar

    DeepOnion will be a new star in cryptocurrency . Because we have a so strong and a so activity community . And more and more people have know the deepOnion .

  • 24 Mar

    List DeepOnion! In my opinion its the best privacy coin out there and it still has a small market cap meaning its has the potential to really boom. Its been around for about 9-months now and it has not slowed down, infact its development has kicked into hyperdrive with the addition of Harris Brakmic to the development team!

  • 24 Mar

    Deeponion is my favourite anonymous cryptocurrency which has many technically advantages and a very strong community in background. I am strongly recommend it should be listed in your exchange.

  • 24 Mar

    DeepOnion is getting more and more notice and mentions, but in my opinion it it still one of the most underrated coin out there. I would also recommend DeepOnion to be added to the listing as everyone deserves to be known about this coin.

  • 24 Mar

    DeepOnion has my vote too! The technological features are already listed in the introduction but what is not that it is not even a year old cryptocurrency and already has done so much! There is a lot more to come like the web app of DeepVault, the VoteCentral and even more in the second half of 2018.

  • 25 Mar

    In my opinion, DeepOnion has a lot of potential and the devs knew it form the beggining BUT there was a lot to do. For example, all features that they made and are developing right now make this cryptocurrency very interesting. Also, the community that support this project it's one of the most active and helpful that I've never seen before. Think about it!

  • 25 Mar

    DeepOnion is definitely a coin that you need to add to your exchange! The privacy features put the coin far ahead of any other privacy coin out there. The community is the biggest of any coin, and the dev team is by far the most active making amazing strides in only a very short time. DeepOnion is the only truly untraceable crypto currency that there is.. after the airdrop and once people begin to realize this, it has the potential to be in the top 10. Adding DeepOnion would benefit all parties.

  • 25 Mar

    DeepOnion is the future.. It is the best security and anonymity token for me... Aside from that it is backed up with its great community. DeepOnion is the best.

  • 26 Mar

    DeepOnion is one of the best Privacy and anonymous coins out there. Its technology is great with new features coming up. This has great potential to grow once the airdrop finish. With a low coin supply, it is going to boom soon. All the best to you and the developers of the coins.

  • 26 Mar
    Patrick Reiner

    I would love to see deep onion listed, I think it would be a great addition.

  • 26 Mar

    DeepOnion is a leader a privacy and the best of community supported coins, like to see it listed there

  • 26 Mar

    one of the best AltCoins EVER ! Must add it

  • 26 Mar

    DeepOnion is the best crypto currency from new projects that have appeared in the last half of the year. Such a dynamic growth, not many can boast! I am sure that in the very near future - this project will accomplish simply a technical revolution in the crypto market!

  • 26 Mar

    Of course it would be great if we can see DeepOnion in the exchange. And for that reason we will continue supporting, so that it will be, since deeponion will always have a constant growth in the way of updating or increasing technology that guarantees us the greatest security, and a great example is the last update of the TOR network version 0.3 .3. Deeponion is moving forward and there is no doubt that it is a great project. The best I would say.

  • 27 Mar

    I would like to see DeepOnion listed here because this is a privacy cryptocurrency with plenty of great features! I think this project will surpass what other coins are doing in this same category, big community, excellent developers, VoteCentral to be released very soon! Android wallet already available at Google play and more to come!

  • 27 Mar

    I would love to see this coin on the list, the best is yet to come

  • 27 Mar

    I would be glad to see DeepOnion listed on Dontoshi. Smiles

  • 27 Mar

    DeepOnion is great community, god people on one place all together we are making the future of criptocurency world! :-D

  • 28 Mar

    DeepOnion - the name of the currency coin & the community, that is welcoming and supportive, growing everyday, and full of some talented members, developers, and team moderators. As a currency coin, rather than a utility token or security, DeepOnion engages a wide variety of people from all around the world. It is not a 'pump 'n dump' coin, it has built a user base sure and steady, protects privacy by use of the Tor network & stealth addresses... many premium features without extra costs.

  • 28 Mar

    The DeepOnion community is the best! and i'm glad to be part of this project!

  • 28 Mar
    some onion lover

    established community. Not a bad performance.
    Why not. DO deserve place on any exchange

  • 29 Mar

    I would love to see this coin being listed! You got my vote!

  • 30 Mar

    This is a great privacy coin and should be listed with you!

  • 01 Apr

    DeepOnion is the best

  • 02 Apr

    Please list DeepOnion asap! It's one of the best coin!

  • 02 Apr
    Ольга Никитенко

    Самая лучшая монета в мире

  • 03 Apr

    Can we see the coin best Monero..

  • 04 Apr
    Ben REZG Mehrez

    DeepOnion is an anonymous coin,i think it will be a good and successful crypto,so i hope that will be listed soon

  • 07 Apr

    My openian your project very good, best of luck your project

  • 07 Apr

    DeepOnion is great community, god people on one place all together we are making the future of criptocurency world! :-D
    I would love to see this coin on the list, the best is yet to come

  • 08 Apr

    Good content!

  • 09 Apr

    Very nice project.

  • 09 Apr

    nice and great

  • 10 Apr
    vo thanh long

    Nice project. DSC, I love you very much

  • 10 Apr
    Renjith kt

    I would like to see DeepOnion listen on your exchange. As other have said, it's a really privacy coin a lot of good features focused on anonymity and with new upcoming features. It will grow very fast
    The future will prove it

  • 13 Apr

    I would love to see DeepOnion listed. Its great privacy features had conquer my trustness.

  • 13 Apr

    It is great to see DeepOnion listed. This is a highly active and welcoming community. I hope everybody is happy with it.

  • 13 Apr

    Great project for privacy coins, integrated on TOR network, one of the promising coins out there. You should definitely list this one on your exchange.

  • 14 May

    Upvote on the new upcoming TECH coin which is a way better then all, im terms of security and ease
    Please do upvotes so that we can list it to exchange below is the link

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