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Using the powerful Ethereum Network, Alpha Investing is offering a unique suite of products and services for navigating the Crypto-Currency Markets. From their Decentralized Investor Marketplace, to their Crypto Coin Fund (Named Coinbag), Alpha is your best choice for investing in the future of crypto.

Suggested by: Drew


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  • 20 Mar
    Raphael B

    Add alpha token

  • 20 Mar
    N. Tijuan

    This project grows and adapts daily. I highly recommend listing these guys. ALPHA TO THE MOON!

  • 20 Mar
    Jessica Burroughs

    Lovely project. Team is always around and active. They help the community and do great promotions and events. I really love this one.

  • 20 Mar

    good pj ! add alpha token

  • 20 Mar

    Project very very good I contribute and it make me money. Alpha very good team around always and help me make my portfolio better. I no sell want to buy more on new exchange. I no good at fork delta or ether delta. Need better exchange!

  • 20 Mar

    Alpha has a great community and a lot of supporters...I am one. We would all love to see it listed on the exchange. It has such great potential for the community.

  • 20 Mar
    Jared Stevenson

    Alpha Investing has such interesting mechanics that all work together in unison. My interest in the project goes beyond that of just supporting them. They go above and beyond for everyone and are very good for the world of crypto. Thanks for accepting them

  • 21 Mar

    Good project

  • 21 Mar

    Love the project! list please!

  • 21 Mar

    You want to easily invest in crypto currency without worrying about those pesky regulations and still make a healthy profit.

    Simply hold $Alpha in your ERC20 wallet and a snapshot does all the work! No continuous internet connection needed, every 90 days bonus and staking rewards and a solid buyback system. Do I need to say more?!

  • 21 Mar

    love it! list it! moon it!

  • 22 Mar
    Johnny Largo

    Nice project

  • 22 Mar

    nice job keep up

  • 24 Mar

    This project is soooooo great I spend my days following it.

  • 25 Mar
    aghaonu johnbosco (boscoarinze)

    the project is good to be on this exchange

  • 26 Mar
    Ananda Aditya

    I'f done vote

  • 26 Mar

    consider to list Alpha it has good project and seems to make every exchanger fame ;)

  • 26 Mar
    Erdal Kunt

    It has such great potential for the community.

  • 29 Mar
    Dion A

    This is a must ! This project and its team along with the community have very exiting plans ahead for all GO ALPHA !

  • 01 Apr

    Great stuff!!!!

  • 01 Apr

    Good luck! All the best!

  • 06 Apr

    great if listed in your platform

  • 09 Apr
    achmad dwi kahfi

    good luck alpha, good token

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