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Espers Technologies

Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology has the capabilities to change a variety of things in the world and can also be the backbone of a new internet. One place that blockchain technology has not had an impact on yet is website on the blockchain. However, Espers is trying to change that and is well on their way to doing so.
Website on the Chain
Espers Blockchain will keep sites extremely safe and will make them virtually impenetrable, which is creating a new standard for website safety and security. In addition to the security improvements, Espers Blockchain will also ensure that your website is never taken down or removed, no matter what. You will also have complete control of your data, and the sites will feature faster server times.
Secured Messaging
Developing the usability features: The secured messaging system, masternodes (intuitive node launching and monitoring), smooth sync patch, shrinking blockchain, light clients and much much more.

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Comments: 13

  • 20 Mar

    Sleep8n giant if there able to write code correctly.

  • 20 Mar
    Lu skorski

    Great! Good News

  • 20 Mar

    Ukryty gigant w kryptowalutach

  • 20 Mar

    Let's go ;)

  • 21 Mar
    Yvan Bomolo

    Sleeping giant and yet he's being tickled to wake up. Espers let's push it #hodl

  • 21 Mar

    Скоро будет ВЗРЫВ миллионов))

  • 24 Mar

    Nice project!

  • 24 Mar

    Websites on the blockchain... You don't have to be too smart to see how massive this could become, Espers really could revolutionize the net, I'm in and hodling till at least 2020. Can't believe more people aren't talking about it & still such a bargain.

  • 24 Mar

    Очень сильная но недооценённая монета, технология восстребованная, как только продукт будет выпушен на рынок, легко можно попасть в топ 10

  • 25 Mar

    Big things are coming people, BIG THINGS.

  • 25 Mar

    Esp good....

  • 26 Mar

    This is a great project that could help websites to be more secured! This coin needs to be added asap

  • 27 Mar

    please list esp

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