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SafeExchange (SAFEX)


Safex is a decentralized marketplace that for the first time in history shifts paradigm of trade towards crypto commerce.

People can now become a part of the emerging global marketplace that rewards crypto assets and allows for a secure enclave where people can buy and sell goods and services in exchange distributed crypto currency

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  • 28 Mar
    Schmmozy Joe

    Great Project! Growing team, and marketplace wil be online soon. Any exchange offering Safex will do well!

  • 28 Mar

    Great project. Dan knows his stuff!

  • 28 Mar

    Cant go wrong with Safex. Its currently my biggest holding!

  • 30 Mar

    Safex is building a solid foundation with balkaneum

  • 30 Mar

    I think Safex is the future. We are just so close to the beginning, it's not even tangible. This is like, the beginning of Facebook, but for money. For buying and selling, like eBay, but with complete privacy on the regular internet that we use today.

  • 31 Mar
    Jurek ze Spychowa

    Keep up good work SafeX team!!!

  • 09 Apr
    mlg pro

    Great Coin!

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