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Ignition Coin


The Ignition Network seeks to create a cryptocurrency whose primary function is as a secure store of value, like bitcoin, without any of the
current limitations that we believe will one day inhibit
Bitcoin’s potential growth.

Coin Specifications:
● Coin Ticker: IC
● Total Coin Supply : 5,000,000
● Block Time : 2 Minute Target* (Can Vary)
● Block Size: 20MB
● Mining Algorithm: Scrypt
● Staking Minimum: 1IC
● Staking Age: ~30 minutes
● Master Node Price: 3000IC
● Transaction fee: 0.00000001IC *Transactions fees for darksend and instantX are higher

The total coin supply will be reached over a period of 50 years; ignition is designed for the future.

Join the discord for airdrops, and a built in wallet + staking pool

Twitter -

Suggested by: Sam


Comments: 10

  • 02 Apr

    Amazing Store of Value coin ! Great potential in 2018 ! Please list it soon ....

  • 02 Apr

    Really impressed keep up the good work discord 👻RawKus👻#2170

  • 03 Apr

    This is one everyone will be buying into, add now to get ahead of the game!

  • 03 Apr
    k p#3757

    IC is one of the best cryptos i have seen in the recent past.

  • 03 Apr
    aaron olin

    Please add Ignition Coin. As energy costs are becoming a huge issue, Ignition Coin solves that issue, and who doesn't love a coin that stakes too! The Discord community is phenomenal, and I want to buy more on trusted exchanges!

  • 03 Apr

    Great community, low supply and hard working devs. Cant wait for this one to be listed.

  • 14 Apr

    If you haven't joined IC Discord it is a must do! You will see why this coin is truly amazing! Lots of fun for everyone... Trust me:) If you are a newbie to crypto like me (9mth I still suck at it:P) this is a great place to start learning! It even has a Staking Bot that can hold IC in it until you figure out Wallet:) Did I forget to mention the IC Rain?:P You can donate to discord members with the bot:) Come check it out, You might get wet:P This is just the discord part about IC. lol

  • 29 Apr

    I have a good feeling about ignition coin I am gonna invest more cuz I belive in this project and I will hold on to it for sure .

  • 07 May

    Great community it just like meet and greet people love token.. done voting!

  • 27 May

    Add Ignition Coin on your list, why, it is amazing coin backed by team of active and hard working developers along with awesome and buzzing community members, has a controlled low supply, it is future of cryptocurrency, long-term coin!

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